Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer of Discovery-Week Five

This week the "husbird's" parents, "Nono and Nona"came to visit.
We enjoyed our week with them and as you can see
the "nestlings"didn't mind the extra attention only grandparents can give.
They are bilingual, but since Spanish is their first language sometimes
they have a had time understanding what the "nestlings" say.
While looking through a photobook something miss "C" said got lost in translation and "Nono" started laughing until everyone was rolling in laughter.

I liked having someone else telling the "nestlings" some of the same things I often do,
but for some reason it was listened to better this week.
It felt great to have back-up.
We discovered fun taking a break from our normal routine to swim with cousins, watch fireworks, eat out, go to the children's Book of Mormon interactive exhibit, go to a beautiful park, and to a little family festival.
Good Times spent with the "Nono's."

P.S. As for the sleeping arrangements, we moved baby "G's" port-a-crib into our closet and he slept surprisingly well. Yahoo!

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