Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer of Discovery-Week Four

This week I discovered it takes me a whole week, in spurts here and there, to clean my house, and not even to the level of tidiness I would like.
While cleaning I discovered the "nestlings" have way too many toys.
After cleaning them up and organizing them for hours I want to trash half of them.
I also discovered that my in-laws coming to visit for the 4th of July has motivated me to finish some projects around the nest.
I'll share them later.

Miss "A" discovered that new paint for four dollars, along with poster size paper from grandma, entertained her all week as she painted picture after picture.
My couches are all decked out for the 4th of July because I discovered two ektorp sofa covers at the Ikea temple, that's what the "husbird" calls it,
in the "as is" department for $9.99. They were normally $149.
It must have been fate because I happen to have two ektorp couches that reside in the same room. The pattern is different than I would normally pick,
but that's what makes them fun. I got a whole new look for twenty dollars.
Can't beat that.
My family room reminds me of a primary song from church called "Primary Colors."
It has a rainbow of colors going on.
What's funny is when "T" saw the "husbird" put the blue and white slip cover on the first sofa he asked if the other one was red. Ha. Ha.
Truth be told, the extent of my 4th of July decor this year was sticking little flags in a few plants around the house.
Happy 4th!

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