Sunday, July 10, 2011


Baby "G" can often be found with his little hands clasped together,
like he's going to pray or something, sooo cute!
He likes to...
roll over,
lay in his bouncer, playing with the toys on it,
play with his feet
hum (sing) while he nurses
smile a lot
(he's very ticklish)
He is an absolute joy to have around!


  1. Looks like he's finally starting to "slim out" a little like his brothers! Love that little baldie head. He's a cutie for sure.

  2. Has it really been four months already! I just had a chance to get caught up on your blog..I love the nursery inspiration...and you've done a terrific job putting it together. Please tell me it gets a little one wants to be held all the time. I know this time goes quickly and it is sweet but boy am I beat! I think I'm just old! haha!


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