Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in Review

We celebrated Halloween yesterday.
The "nestlings" had a great time, "C" was especially excited this year.(my Halloween mantle)
It was raining outside when we took this picture, but luckily it stopped by the time the "husbird" took the "nestlings" trick or treating.
As you can see, we had a tigger, a witch, a cat of some sort, and a clown this year.
(kitchen area)
I got a workout and prepared for church the next day all while passing out candy.
I was watching an old Oprah upstairs while ironing and so every time I heard the doorbell ring I'd have to run downstairs.
I must have gone up and down the stairs at least fifty times.
As always I confiscated most of the "nestlings" candy when they got home and divided it up for-- hot and cold treats for FHE, treats for their lunches, and of course a couple of chocolate bars for the baby and I.
Then what is left I let them pick out a couple of pieces each day until it's gone.
The "husbird" and I had our own Halloween fun after the "nestlings" went to bed on on Friday and Saturday night. We watched two movies,
Letters to Juliet and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
They were both good and made you think, but Benjamin Button was quite sad.
(art on refrigerator)
So long to October and all its goodies!

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