Thursday, August 26, 2010

How we told the "nestlings"

After our lesson for family home evening every Monday we play Hot and Cold.
Maybe you've played it?
If you haven't, you play it by hiding an object and as a person walks around the area it's hidden in the person who hid it says
Hot-if the person is getting close
Cold-if the person is far away from the hidden object.
We always do this with some sort of treat on family night.
The "nestlings" love it.
On the night we decided to tell the "nestlings" we were going to have another baby, we wrapped numbered clues around the candy.
Then we had "T" read them in order.
They said:
More Love
One more chair
Around March 3rd
Tiny Toes
"D" big brother
They didn't figure it out right away.
They had to read the clues a couple of times.
They were so excited when they figured it out.

The "husbird" was explaining how the baby starts out like a tiny little seed and
five year old "C" chimed in and said,
"And if it's a boy it's a blue seed and if it's a girl it's a pink seed."

On another note, I had my first doctors appointment today.
Everything went well.
It feels more real after peeing in a cup, hearing the heartbeat,
and getting five tubes of blood drawn.


  1. OH, my I thought they knew already....anyhow, have a beautiful family with beautiful children, that are noble, fun, and loving---great and wonderful things to cherish...

  2. This made me tear up. It is so sweet.

  3. How cute! That was my exact due date for Camie! And Luke was March 1st, I believe. Good time of year to have a baby.


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