Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Test for the Tooth Fairy

Mister "T" has been onto the tooth fairy for some time now,
so in order to find out the truth he decided he'd give him/her a test by placing a tooth he lost without telling anyone about it.
(Mister "T" at age seven. It was so much easier to know when he had lost a tooth back then.)

Sadly the appointed tooth fairy was not aware said tooth was lost and therefore failed the test miserably. When the tooth fairy caught wind of the missing tooth he/she felt awful and decided to surprise "T" with a cool toy instead of money.
The next morning "T" confronted me and said, "how long do you want me to live this fantasy?" To which I responded, "What fantasy?"
So, as far as he knows the tooth fairy lives on to collect his next tooth...
if he/she finds out about it;)

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