Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm sick of stuff. When I got married I was like a hunter of stuff, trying to turn our first house into a home. I spent a lot of time shopping and gathering to make that happen. Then about three years in, we got pregnant so I was on a new mission to get a cute nursery put together and of course the baby needed new clothes and baby paraphernalia. Then we had our second baby, which was a girl, so we needed girl clothes. Then we built a house, talk about stuff with a capital S. Since our house was significantly larger than our previous home we needed stuff to fill it. Then as you know I went on to have three more babies which added to the stuff, lots and lots of stuff. There did come a point some time after I had my third baby that I didn't need to shop as often. One because it became really hard to shop with three little ones and two because I didn't need as much for my house or the kids.
{via}-(this is not a picture of my house)
I'm now getting to the point where I feel like less is more. I think that our things take energy to care for them, to clean them, to organize them. I realize some stuff is necessary to live and be comfortable, but when we go on vacation I'm always surprised at how little we need to be happy.

Part of the problem is that so much of my stuff is not organized and it makes me crazy. Since I had five kids in ten years I was busy, very busy, and I let things go. I just didn't have the time or energy to keep every thing perfectly organized.

I'm ready to change that, so I've decided I'm going to take one area a week and organize it. Anyone want to join me?

I hope this is doable with all the "nestlings" home. We'll see.
I've got to do it for my sanity if nothing else. Wish me luck.
I'll try to share each area as I finish them.


  1. I had to laugh at this! Sometimes I feel like I could purge EVERYTHING in my house and not miss a thing. Of course, most of what I want to throw out belongs to someone else...because of course, MY STUFF is great! It's all that other stuff that needs to go. I just spent the last WEEK going through 13 years of LEGO collections. Do you know how many Legos 2 children can collect over 13 years? THOUSANDS! I went through them all! I sorted them by set, then color, packaged them with the directions and gave them to my neighbor's grandson. Let me tell you, I have officially LOST MY MIND. My sons kept telling me to just toss them in a box and say, "Here you go!" But I just couldn't do that--I had to give them away....nice and organized. The upside to that story is that I now have 8 empty Rubbermaid totes. The downside is that my neighbor has confirmed that I am a lunatic.

    I have spent all summer trying to get organized. I go through this frenzy every summer as I try to "ready the nest" for fall and winter. This year, however, I have made no progress. Every time I try to get rid of something, I have three people telling me why I need to keep it.

    But I have decided to accept your weekly challenge, and even though today is already Wednesday, I am giving myself until Friday to clean out/clear out/and reorganize the shed. While the oldest son is at class today, I will be dragging the youngest son out there to help me! Much to his horror, I'm sure. But I have decided, right here and now, that if the kids and husband want to keep their "stuff," then they need to help take care of it.

    I hope you're having luck with your organizing! Thanks for the great post!

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