Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Never Fight with a Wood Pillar...

it will win if it has a sharp edge.
We're all about head accidents these days, second one in less than a week.
Our second scare happened when baby "G" was pretend vacuuming as happy as could be. I was whipping up some peanut butter bars and the "husbird" was vacuuming for real when baby "G" fell and hit his face on some corner molding cutting his face open just below his eye. I knew it was serious when he wouldn't quit screaming as he arched his back while blood dripped down his little face.
We started to panic trying to decide what to do. It didn't help that it was a holiday.
We ran him over to our neighbor who is a doctor just to see if he thought he needed stitches. He was kind enough to run to his office with us and glue the cut shut.
We had to wrap an ace bandage around his arms to keep them down,
then I held his head still while the doctor cleaned and glued...
quite the operation to glue a little cut together.

I'm thinking I should stock pile some of that glue.
With three rambunctious boys I'm sure it will come in handy again.

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  1. Poor G!! That looks like it really hurt!! :( So sad when these babies get hurt. Glad he didn't have to have stitches....that was a nightmare with Cruz! Hope D gets better too!! What a freak accident. Geez what a week for you guys! XOXO


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