Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I saw this cute idea on pinterest and so I made a little sign of buttons my mom gave me.
For our anniversary I thought I'd share fifteen things I love about the "husbird"
I love that---
1. He is super smart.
2. He is an amazing dad. He loves being a daddy and spending time with his kids.
3. He loves the Lord and loves to serve him in anyway he can.
4. He irons, just in the last year, but still, he irons.
5. He has large manly hands and he uses them for good.
6. He encourages me to take time for myself, even if I don't.
7. He is adventurous.
8. He takes his role of provider serious and works hard to provide for our family.
9. He is technology savvy.
10. He goes after his dreams and works hard to achieve them.
11. He thinks I'm beautiful even when I'm not.
12. He is loyal and committed to me and our family.
13. He is brave and makes me feel safe.
14. He has made breakfast almost every morning for the last three years.
15. He chose me and loves me despite all my faults.


  1. So sweet, Emily! Boan is an outstanding guy!! We got lucky with these Rubalcava boys, huh?! You are equally amazing. Happy 15!!!

  2. Happy anniversary! Sweet picture! Time flies doesnt it?


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