Friday, May 4, 2012


1. Someone trying to charge $300+ on my Visa at Target. Crazy thing is-- my card is sitting in my purse. Don't you have to have the actual card?
2. Finding a moldy, almost disinegrated, piece of bread in a container in the church bag. Gross! Tells you how often I clean out that bag.
3. The "husbird" having to fire an employee that wasn't doing his job. Oh the joys of running a business!
4. Ants taking over my dining room floor. Please don't tell me not to leave any crumbs on the floor, remember I have five kids and I already feel like I spend my days sweeping.
5. Turning my hands black from spreading mulch on the flower beds. I was to lazy to look for my gardening gloves and even if I could find them, it always gives me the willies to put my hands in them because I always think there will be a spider in one of the fingers. Weird, I know.

6. The "husbird" freezing me by opening every window in the bedroom when its raining outside. Does your husband do this?
7. Finding out little "D" took the liberty to pee in the field next to our house, in the front of our house, thus mooning the neighbors as they pulled out of their garage.
8. Baby "G" breaking one of my glass Pyrex pans. I think I'm jinxed. Remember when my other one exploded. I wrote about it here.
9. Cleaning most of the day and not even putting a dent in the cleaning that needs to be done :(
10. Waiting in line at the grocery store holding a screaming, crying one year old while my four year holds his private dancing around telling me he needs to go pee. Lovely. What was worse is the looks I received from fellow shoppers as if I was torturing the both of them. I was one being tortured. Ha.

The pleasantry--- things could always be worse.


  1. I love your list...brings life to light and then makes the rest of us feel normal again. Want to add to the list....wearing socks and then walking on a wet furball that the cat just threw up. I am always wondering if it would be better or worse if I were barefoot!

    Thanks for sharing and hope the days gets better!

    Big hug

  2. Oh boy! My list is pretty long..I don't dare write it! Haha!


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