Friday, April 27, 2012

Mini Day of Fame for Miss "A"

I recently got a letter in the mail informing me that Miss "A" won a poster contest for the third grade at her elementary school that she drew for Earth Day. I was quite surprised because I didn't even know about the poster since it was something she did entirely at school. When I called to RSVP that we would make it to the rewards picnic I got another surprise when they told she not only won for her elementary school,
but for the third grade for the entire district. I was beaming for a while, proud of her and happy she was recognized for some of her work. She loves art.
The day she received the award it was so cold, but we still walked to the tree they had planted in her honor. At the base of the tree they put a little plaque with her name on it. Here she is in her brother's jacket(only thing we could find in the car) completely freezing. She and I both had sandals on and neither of us could feel our toes.
The sun happened to come out just as we took this picture.
We talked about how we will come to the park and visit her tree and watch it grow through the years. It will be kind of fun to see what it looks like when she graduates from high school!? Yikes!

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