Friday, March 16, 2012

Six Hour Escape

It's Friday! We had plans to get together with friends, but our plans got canceled for the second week in a row. Maybe next Friday will work and third time will be a charm:) So instead I cut three of the five "nestlings" hair, not one hair, but all of their hairs. And I cut the "husbird's" hairs, the hairs he has left anyways.
Everyone is looking dapper again.
Especially little "D" who asked me to cut spikes on his hair, so I cut spikes and now he looks like a dinosaur, or a "dinahore" as he calls them. He doesn't really look like a dinosaur, he just looks plain adorable with spiky hair. It's a new look for him.(The "husbird" showing a yearbook to baby "G")
Tomorrow the "husbird" and I are going on our birthday date, since our birthdays are exactly one week apart. We're going to pay a visit to the big house, a.k.a. the temple, then to dinner, and onto a movie. It's been too long since we've gone out together.
I'm excited to get away for a few hours and the "nestlings" are excited to spend time with my mom. Hooray for Grandma!!!

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