Friday, February 17, 2012

Year Books

It's a three day weekend. Yahoo! I'm going to hopefully finish some yearbooks.
My friend Samantha is the one that first introduced me to the idea of putting together a book for each year of your favorite pictures.
I know it's not a new idea. I 've seen numerous people do this around blog land.
I've done most of ours through and have really liked how they turned out.
They have thousands of backgrounds to pick from and their shipping is super fast also.
If you sign up for their email list they occasionally send out promotional codes.
The best way to motivate myself to get them done is to buy a Groupon and then about two weeks before it expires I decide I better get busy making some books before I waste the money I spent. It's great motivation.
Nothing like working under pressure, for me at least.
I haven't done each year faithfully, so now I'm having to go back and look through each year of pictures, pick the ones I want to put in the book, edit them all, and upload them to Picaboo.
Since I don't scrapbook this is my way of recording each year so the "nestlings" have something to look through and our pictures don't just sit on the computer never being seen by them.
It can be overwhelming task, but so worth it when the books come in the mail.
What do you do to record life's memories?

Note: I'm not affiliated with Picaboo, nor am I being paid to mention them, although I wouldn't mind if they wanted to compensate me with some free books:)

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