Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer of Discovery-Week Six

What a week!
We packed in a lot this week, sadly I don't have many pictures to show for it.
We took the "nestlings" to a water park and discovered this upon entering.
This picture is horrible, because I had the settings on my camera wrong.
The wave pool was full, tube to tube.

If we would have been smart we would have turned around and walked back out,
but we didn't:)

It was so crowded and the lines were so horrendously long,
but the "nestlings" did manage to have fun, not sure I can say the same for myself.

The "husbird" and I discovered that having a couple of nights without four of the "nestlings" was very needed and helped us feel connected again.
We went to see "Larry Crowne" and "17 Miracles."
The next day we went to iFly to use the gift certificate I gave him for his 40th birthday in March.
He got to do a simulated sky dive, indoor rock climbing, and surfing.
It was great to see him having fun and video tape his experiences.

We commented to each other how easy it was to have one child (as opposed to five),
but that when we had our first baby we thought it was so hard.
Perspective is an interesting thing.
The "nestlings" came back from Grandmas house sufficiently spoiled and tired.
Aren't Grandparents wonderful?!
I discovered little "D" on the couch doing what I wish I could have been doing.

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