Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer of Discovery-Week Two

Baby "G" discovered his tongue and he can often be found sticking it out.
He also discovered that he can roll from his back to his stomach and do "super" baby.
Would he stop growing already!?

Those baby blues get me every time.
Love those eyes.
I discovered that I'm really good at building laundry towers.
I'm hoping to get this one to the ceiling by next week. It's about halfway there.
Deciding to get family photos taken has contributed to taking many outfits out of every closet in my house to find coordinating outfits for seven people.
Do you have any idea how hard that is?
All the clothes that didn't make the cut were discarded to the laundry tower,
thus making it even taller.

I hope by next week I can discover a way to keep my house clean with
five "nestlings" at home, but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. That baby is seriously cute! I also have a "G" and like to think they have the same name :)

  2. Sweetest baby ever. Don't be hard on yourself--you are amazing. The house is always there. Scott just said those words to me today in fact.

  3. The laundry tower made me laugh! I'm expecting baby five right now and I haven't caught up on laundry since baby four :)


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