Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Man Turns Forty

For the "husbird's" fortieth birthday I wanted to do something really special to celebrate, but I knew I'd still be recovering from giving birth and so pretty much anything I wanted to do wasn't going to happen, not even the traditional gift that I give him every year on his birthday *wink, *wink.
Since I knew this would be the case, I surprised him with a gift certificate to an
indoor rock climbing, surfing, and simulated skydive
(because I can't take the chance on a real sky dive where he risks his life and could leave me with five kids to raise on my own).
I want to tag along to take video of him so he may have to wait awhile to use it.

I actually tease him and tell him that I gave him a gift that keeps giving
for his birthday, a baby:)
In addition to the gift certificate and baby I gave him he ordered himself a new ipad.
Happy Birthday to Himself.
He deserves it!


  1. What fun gift! I gave my hubby a surprise party for his 40th and was able to pull it off..which is always tricky for me.

  2. feliz feliz en tu dia, hermanito que dios te bendiga, que reine la paz en tu dia, y que seas muy feliz! good picture ! you looking mature!
    hope you had a fantastic day!

  3. Happy birthday Boan!


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