Thursday, March 24, 2011

Before and After Dining Chairs

Do you remember this post from my old blog when I bought some used dining chairs to go with my lone table?
They reminded me of these ones from Pottery Barn.
Well, I attempted to paint them last summer. I got them primed and half painted.
Then while preparing for the baby to come I decided I needed some help getting some items painted and finished instead of them sitting in my garage collecting dust,
so I hauled them over to Sausha's house from Show and Tell and
let her do the work for me. Painting furniture is her thing and
sometimes it pays to get help, like when your nine months pregnant.
Before the baby was born my mom helped me cut out some Richloom fabric I bought.
Then last weekend, in between nursing sessions, the "husbird" and I finally stapled the fabric to the seats.
Getting these chairs finished definitely took a team effort, hiring Sausha, getting help from my mom and the "husbird"...but they are finally done!
They look so much better.
If you're a Utah local and are in need of having furniture painted, Sausha will do a great job.

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