Monday, January 10, 2011

Classic Books

My favorite and (practically only) Christmas gift this year was a book set my parents gave me from Deseret Book.
Each book is bound with a linen spine and has a satin ribbon marker.
Aren't they beautiful?When my girls get old enough they are going to love reading these.
Miss "A" and I started reading Anne of Green Gables, but she was having a hard time following, but we'll keep at it.
What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?


  1. Be still my heart !!!! I so envy you.All my favs in a lovely set. I am so on online after this to find them so that will be added to my many hints ;)for valentines!lol. I think a boxed movie gift set would be great but it would have to include as a bonus "Jane Austen Book club" movie with it TOTAL EXPERIENCE!

  2. Wow. those are beautiful. Seriously no gift from MR.????? what is up with that? They are darling!

  3. I saw those in the catalog and wanted to get those but had too many things on my list! I love the way they look and can't beat classics!


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