Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of the Year

We've had nine visitors since Monday, the "husbird's" brother, wife, six kids, and their maid, yes a maid, lucky ducks!
My sister-in-law gets to go to lunch with friends, workout, read, and spend time with her children while her maid does the laundry, cooks, and cleans.
Sounds heavenly doesn't it!?
It's one of the perks of moving your family half way around the world for four years and giving up most American conveniences.
My brother-in-law works for an oil company and they live in the little country of Brunei on the island of Borneo, where it's very humid and summer all year long.
Above is a picture of all the kids (minus one) from last night.
The cousins had a lot of fun spending time together and raising the decibel level in our nest.
They left early this morning and it has felt eerily weird ever since. Four kids all of a sudden feels like a really small family, after having ten kids around for five days.
As depicted in the picture above, on New Years eve we apparently like to celebrate a few other holidays as well, which may or may not include
Halloween, 1st birthdays, and St.Patricks Day all while playing with moon sand.
Great Fun!
I always go crazy cleaning when guests leave and so I've spent today vacuuming my whole house, stripping the beds of their sheets, washing six loads of laundry, cleaning surfaces, remaking get the picture.
I'm now having multiple contractions so maybe I should go lay down.
Happy New Year!

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  1. How fun! the more the merrier! What I would do if i had a big house! oh my......I just love love love love love when all the cousins get together....I just love it! Too bad half of them live around the world!


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