Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Wish List

Bumbo Seat ---I've seen these on the local online classifieds.
I'm hoping I can find one with a tray for a good price.
Striped Hat---this hat would be so cute for the newborn photo shoot
I'm going to splurge on.

Jumperoo-----I've never owned an exersaucer or walker. I don't really like how bulky and big they are, but I think I'm going to need as much help as I can get with number five, so I broke down and bought this when I found it for a great price.

Ear Hat---Another adorable hat for pictures.
Car Seat Canopy---Finally, a blanket that lets you carry your car seat without constantly readjusting the blanket. This fabric is so cute, but I don't know if this one would really match with my car seat which is yellow and blue,
but I technically need a new car seat as well.
Knot Hat--Yet another cute hat. I wish I knew how to make these.
Am I missing anything you've loved having for your baby?
What do I need to add?
Edited to add--I found out the photographer I'm going to take the baby to has all kinds of cute hats to use, so no need to buy any. Yea!


  1. Bumbo seats are GREAT! Especially when they are in that transition phase where they can't sit up yet but hate laying down. I would put mine on the kitchen counter every night and the baby got to watch me make dinner - and they loved it!

    I also couldn't have survived with a bouncy chair. That is what Luke slept in for the first few months of his life. Those hats are PRECIOUS.

  2. OH my goodness! I LOVE all this stuff, especially the beanie! Have you found a Bumbo seat yet? I have one that I could sell to you for a discount if you would like it. I've been meaning to sell it on Ebay. It's green, and I LOVED using them for my twins and Baby Hippo, although Baby Hippo had to literally be stuffed into it, he was so hippoesque!


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