Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bar Stool Discussion

When we built our house one of my friends told me about suspended bar stools.
They sounded like a great idea, since I knew I'd be sweeping multiple times a day.
I wouldn't ever have to move bar stools to sweep or
constantly be pushing them back in.
They have been very convenient to have with children, but they aren't my first choice. When the kids grow up or when we finish our basement hopefully
we can get some modern barstools.
I can't decide if it is better to have bar stools with or without backs.
When eating a snack the "nestlings" like to turn around in their seats and watch the television, so I often think it would be better if ours didn't have backs, but when I sit in them I like to have the back support.
Do you have bar stools with or without backs, which do you prefer?

1 comment:

  1. I definitely like them with a back. And even if they turn around they can straddle them>!

    Gosh you are going to have to graduate Taylor so you have enough stools for the rest.


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