Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recipe for a Happy Home

I ran across this on Home and Harmony and loved it, thought you might too.

Preheat home with love to the tenth degree.
1 carefully selected man
1 carefully selected woman
To the man, add the abilities to be a good
provider and give affection.
Stir in stability, decisiveness, and leadership.
To the woman, add meekness and
A cheerful countenance.
Gently mix in productivity and strength.
Boil until all traces of condescension evaporate.
Carefully blend the two together.
Grease immediately with maturity.
Flour with common sense.
Add heaping amounts of respect and honesty.
Constantly whisk in kindness and understanding.
Drain off apartness but retain individuality.
Whip in a sense of humor.
Grind in responsibility.
Fold in patience mixed with insight.
Stir in ability to sacrifice.
Soften with trust.
Cut away all traces of selfishness.
For added richness, blend in plans and dreams
And work them out together.
Season with children.

1 comment:

  1. what a recipe.....it sure makes you wish for the end result......


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