Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What does it mean...

when my seven year old "A" bursts into tears when I tuck her into bed tonight and she tells me that if Jesus isn't real then when I die I'll stay dead and she'll never see me again and that she thinks
I'm going to die?
Then she cries a lot.
I cry.
We hold on tight to each other.
Then I tell her Jesus is real and that she should pray to know if he's real, and if I were to die that she could she me again.
I find my little girls to be so in tune with emotions and have such great intuitions.
More than I do.
I had a very emotional day and even though I thought "A"
didn't see most of my emotions she obviously felt them.
I can't hide from her.
She knows me.
Do I need to pack my bags for heaven?


  1. OMGosh...what a smart little girl. When my Cassie was little, she was really in tune with my feelings and emotions too. Kids know so much more nowadays! Cassie had a really hard time with believing in Jesus when my mom, sister and godmother all died within 2 years...she just couldn't grasp at why he took them like that from her. So sad!

    Have to tell you that I can't wait to try your BBQ chicken recipe...sounds wonderful!


  2. That's the kind of tender memory that needs to be written down in a journal! So sweet.


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