Monday, August 23, 2010

New School Year

Ready or not school started today.
It actually felt good to have half freedom.
Miss "C" actually starts kindergarten next Monday which will be really helpful since she has seemed lost all day without her older brother and sister.
She needs school.

I decided to start a new tradition that my friend Samantha does each year,
take the "nestlings" picture at the front door with a sign of their grade.
It will be fun to see how they grow.

I made cookie dough brownies for their after school snack.
Normally I would give them a piece of fruit and some kind of carbohydrate,
but I wanted to surprise them with a treat to celebrate their first day of school.


  1. although, my kids, miss yours terribly

  2. My girls would freak over those brownies. Thanks. Love the signs.

  3. That is a great surprise treat for after the first day of school. Found you through the BlogGuidebook site.


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