Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Razor Ever

If you're in the market for a new razor or you've never found one you love.
Look no further.
For years I had tried different types of razors, never finding one I loved until one of my friends told me about the one she had.
I decided to give it a try, loved it, and haven't looked back since.
Unfortunately I left my razor, the Venus divine at the cottage the "husbird" and
I escaped to this summer.
Boo Hoo.....until a lady emailed me who works for Venus and told me she had read my post and wanted to send me a little package in the mail.
This is what arrived.

The new Venus Embrace leaves my legs so silky smooth.
Though this is sounding like a commercial, I wasn't asked or are being payed to tell you this, unless you consider new razors payment,
just passing on advice someone once gave me, for which I'm still grateful.

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