Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Heart Cali

If we didn't live in Utah, we'd most likely live in California.
Every time we go there we talk about moving there.
We flew to Long Beach with JetBlue and got super lucky when the very kind lady that checked us in put us all in the very first row.
She probably pitied us, traveling with four kids, and loads of suitcases.
We each had our own TV, we checked one bag each for free, and they served us drinks AND a SNACK, a rarity for most airlines nowadays.
I wish JetBlue flew more places.
My mother-in-law has a gift of making her home very cozy and inviting. This was the very comfortable king size bed the "husbird" and I had the pleasure of sleeping on.
It is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. I want one.
Our bathroom was gorgeous, with plenty of towels, lotion, and soap.

As if that's not enough, just look at the view from my in-laws house.
There is a golf course behind their house that goes all the way to the ocean.
It only takes seven minutes to walk to the beach from their house.

On the walk to the beach is a beautiful pond,

lush green lawn, and trees.
Here we are at the beach.(the "nestlings" doing what they do best, play in the sand)
("T" and my niece playing in the water)
Oh what fun!
(Cousins jumping the waves)
(Miss "A"playing in the sand)
The area my in-laws live in is just magical,
too bad we can't quit our jobs, move in with them,
and just hang out at the beach all day.
Now that would be the life.

If you want to plan a vacation to this area my brother-in-law has an amazing website,


  1. WOW... seriously... WOW!! I would want to live with them too! :) What a gorgeous place. It looks like you all had so much fun! Beautiful photographs!

  2. Can I come next time? Looks like a magical trip. Glad you're back though. Love your photos.

  3. too bad we missed that day with you guys...i wished we would have known!

  4. Very nice blog Emily, VERY nice. Thanks for the plug and the photos are top notch. Can I use them for my site?

    Most Excellent!

  5. We just got home from a week in Southern Cal. (We live in No.Cal) love it there. We were just minutes away from Legoland too. Those pictures are beautiful..what beach is that? We love the beach..I agree it would be wonderful to just quit our day jobs and live on the beach!

  6. I had to laugh about travelling with 4 kids and lots of luggage. We always get the funniest stares (and comments) from people when we travel. We always take our max allowed lugage as well so that we can stock up on supplies. 6 kids 8 checked luggage and 10 carry on's. A few people have told us that if we only had a couple more kids they could make a tv show out our life here in Asia. To funny
    BTW loved the pictures Boan will have to show me how he does it. I'll have to set up a web page so you all can see our travels


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