Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lego Day Adventures

While in California, we made our first ever trip to Legoland.
Do you see the escapee who doesn't want his picture taken?
I'd be lying if I said it was an entirely happy, fun filled day, because it wasn't.
Miss"C" cried or whined about half the day,
the lines were far longer than I thought they'd be on a Tuesday,
we waited for an hour in one of those long lines for a ride that wasn't worth it,
the "husbird" and I argued over stupid things,
we should have left runny nose "D" home with the in-laws,
and the park closed way too early.

I doubt we'll remember any of those things though.
We're more likely to remember...

the fun water area,meeting a princess,
and a full size bionicle.Most of all we'll remember the mini cities made of legos.
We visited Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, Washington D.C., San Franciso,
and a few more all within an hours time.
Looking at them was probably the "nestlings" favorite part of the day, go figure
Oh, and we also got to see Thomas. He was a highlight for little "D."
On the way out the "husbird" tried to ditch me for this women
until he realized she was made of legos.

After a day of recovery we were off to Mexico, stay tuned for more adventures.


  1. I will not be showing my children pictures from your trip to Legoland . . . they would be jealous.

  2. how fun....of course I am used to long long long lines for going to Disney while we lived in California and hanging out with cousins on our long long lines....it is fun to see pictures and don 't worry it is all worth it for the kids....all of it....

  3. ohhhh you should have gone to the Seville World EXPO in Spain, now THOSE WERE LONG LINES 3 HOUR lines, seriously those began to be long even for me! But usually I don't mind them that much


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