Friday, November 13, 2009


I can't believe my first baby girl is already SEVEN! She wanted macaroni and cheese for her birthday dinner and since I didn't have any boxes I made homemade mac n' cheese. Have you ever made it from scratch? I made the cafeteria macaroni and cheese from allrecipes. I altered the recipe slightly. I used a little over two cups of dried macaroni and I only used a 16 ounce cube of cheese grated, which was plenty. It is the ultimate comfort food, so yummy, (artery clogging), but yummy.
Miss "A" wanted corn for the side dish and so we had a
yellow and yellow dinner.
At least I served hers on the red "You are Special" plate.

Later in the week we had a family party for her.
I printed out happy birthday letters, cut the letters out, and taped them to a
banner I had.
She requested "Coconut Cupcakes."

Seven things I love about her:
She asks for and values my opinion
She loves to draw, color, paint
She is obedient
She entertains herself well
She likes to run errands with me
She got straight A's on her report card
She's helpful

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! What a fun thing to get your favorite are soo funny about eh artery.....I think that is cool that she got her plate and enjoyed it. I think she is a special little one and soo cute, she reminds me of me a lot. I remember being 7 so vividly. I think I played with the mud making cakes a lot though..........those dirt piles over there would come in really really handy....but not accompanied by the cold weather.....arghhhhh


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