Thursday, October 1, 2009

Piano Lesson Banter

At piano lessons recently
after "T" finished playing
"In the Light of the Moon"
(Au Claire de la Lune)

His piano teacher said,
"Well that doesn't sound like anything to do with the moon.
It sounds like an army at war."

"T", "Well it can be an army preparing for war in the moonlight."

Piano Teacher,"but, they have to be quiet so their enemies don't hear them."

The things this sweet lady has to do to get
an antsy little boy
to play the piano correctly are
truly commendable.

She humors him


  1. Gosh, already playing au Claire de la lune....I remember learning that one.....he is sooo good and so creative with his answers. Go T go!
    tia ana

  2. Love it. Is the piano teacher still Vera Lee? It sounds like something sweet she would say.

  3. Thanks for entering my giveaway on Karla's site!!! I am now following your blog too!!! :)



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