Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Fluffing

I admit, it took some convincing to pull out the Halloween and fall decor this year.
I guess it's because I am so behind on other things around my house that putting those things off to decorate for fall seemed like a poor use of time.
Any one feel this way?
Well, my six year old "A" finally talked me into it.

She loves to "help" me decorate.
I hung a small fall leaf wreath over a mirror,
added pumpkins and fall colored books to the mantle.

What house would be complete without a twiggy Halloween tree and a Haunted House?


  1. No idea. But your house looks great.

  2. You go to the little picture icon, then you click and a tab will show that says choose a file, on top of that there is choose another you click like 5 times I think is all it will let you, then you can choose 5 at a time, and then down load them all at once.... What I do, I usually down load all the pictures first even 3 sets at 5 at a time, then i add the text. You can add the text on two modes Either Edit Html....or COMPOSE, on compose mode it shows you the actual photos with the text...Jill does this one all the time, I got stuck doing it, on the edit.... I just post publish and see the order of the photos and then rearrange them, but it takes some trial and error to come up with a good system. Jill always does Compose mode.... I usually pick between left/ right/center and then add the text, a lot of people just do the center and do the text as they go along.....
    CUTE CUTE CUTE PICTURES....I don't go all overboard with halloween stuff...I think I am more christmas....I love the house with the pumpkins on the oustide....there are sooo many cutee stuff now for halloween too!!!!

  3. I was the same way this year when it came to doing my fall decorating. I kept putting it off, and putting it off, then one day I figured that if I didn't get it done, I was just going to be dissapointed if I didn't. I usually have my fall decorating done the last week of September, but I didn't get it done until the second week of October this year. I'm so glad that I got to it, cause it feels so much more festive around here now!!

    I love your fall decor! Very cute! :)

  4. For me, it was the decorating around the construction that put me off, but I did it anyway just like you did. Your decor looks great! I love your haunted house :)


  5. Love the haunted house! And would that be YOU taking a picture of your wreath on the mirror? LOL

    I started decorating for fall in Sept. It is my favorite time of the year. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I am already contemplating what I'll be doing for Christmas- just a few LITTLE thoughts... I have to wait til Thanksgiving is over to put it out- House Rule!

    Hope you'll be by for a visit.
    :-) Sue


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