Monday, October 12, 2009

Conversation on Death with a Four year Old

Four year old "C" over heard a brief conversation I had with the "husbird" about a teacher that died in a car accident on a school activity in a near by town.

A few minutes later in the car---

"C":Is the teacher in the hospital mommy?
Me: No sweetie, she died. She is in heaven.
"C": Will she wake up soon?
Me: No sweetheart, she died and went to live with Heavenly Father.
"C": Will she come back alive?
Me: Not until Jesus comes again.
"C": When will Jesus come again?
Me: I don't know "C"
"C": Did her get killed by a gun?
Me: No she died in a car accident.
"C": Mommy she should have waited for the green light.

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