Friday, May 1, 2015

Us at 18

We've officially been together as long as we lived at home with our parents.  That's a crazy thought. I guess we're not kids anymore and we really have to grow up now.  Ha ha.
We've lived in three nests (homes), the one we're living in now we built from the ground up.
We've made five babies (six if you count the one I miscarried, which I do) who are now 4 to 14 years old.  
We've tried our best to laugh instead of cry when life has been hard, sad, or in between.  
IMG_5108My mom gave us the gift of watching the nestlings for two days.  We used some credit card points and went to the Montage Deer Valley.  It was amazing.  In the picture above we are in front of the fireplace in what the "husbird" called the living room, which is a huge, beautiful common area. 
This is what we found when we checked into our room, such a meaningful, sweet touch.
IMG_5077This was our room.
Here's the "husbird" checking out the view from our room.
IMG_5087The other side of the room, complete with a fireplace. 
IMG_5101The first night we played some pool.  I was awful at it, but the "husbird" wasn't half bad.
IMG_5137When we woke up the first morning it was snowing little tiny snowflakes and and it kept snowing all day long.  At first we were disappointed it was bad weather but then we ended up loving it.  It made our day feel so romantic.  We ended up going to the spa.  We sat in the steam room, sauna, and hot tub.  Then we swam in the gorgeous lap pool.  Then the "husbird" had the crazy idea to go swimming in the outdoor pool (94º), so we did, while it snowed on our heads.  We were the only ones in the steaming pool.  It was a super fun adventure.   
IMG_5127Not sure why the "husbird" snapped a photo of me saying good night to the "nestlings"on the phone, but I like it because it shows how our room looked at night.
Since the Montage is nestled in the mountains this was the view from the balcony in our room.
IMG_1751We loved chilling/relaxing by the fire in the living room.  We needed some interrupted time just to be together, no meals to make or faces to wash.  I feel so blessed to spend my life with such a wonderful man.

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