Thursday, April 16, 2015

Clover the Goose

A mother goose decided our backyard would be a good spot to birth her eggs and sit on them day after day.  "C" named her Clover and we check on her daily.  
Clover the Goose It snowed really hard earlier this week.  She was covered in about a foot of snow. We were so concerned for her and her babies. Hopefully we get to meet the little goslings soon.
IMG_1521 Watching Clover day after day makes me think about the length we  go to for our offspring.  It takes a lot of dedication to have babies and even more to raise them.  On hard days, sometimes I feel like flying the coop.  Maybe I should take a lesson from Clover and sit on it a little longer-- giving more thought, prayer, and unconditional love to help my nestlings grow and thrive. 

Update: Clover's goslings were finally born on April 29th. They are furry little fluff balls, so cute.

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