Friday, July 11, 2014

T is for Tennis

T is for Tennis, TaylorJust in...this handsome chap just returned from a week long tennis camp at BYU.  He’s become quite the tennis player, so even though playing tennis for six hours a day for a week would be torture to me he thinks it is fun and there really isn't anything he would rather be doing.
Taylor on his bikeHe jumps on his bike just about everyday and rides over to a nearby tennis court.  
IMG_3778He recruits anyone he can to play with him and if not he goes to a court that has a cool automatic ball machine so he can hit balls. 
 I love to watch him play even though I rarely get to. 
Taylor playing tennis I'm entertained by all his facial expressions.
Taylor playing tennisHe's improved his game so much in one year by lots of practice and lessons.Taylor playing Tennis
 I'm so happy he found a sport he has a passion for.
Taylor playing tennisI hope he always has a love for tennis and never stops playing.

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