Monday, March 10, 2014

G at Three

He loves his buzz and spidey.  He refused to put them down for pictures, so I just went with it.
Grandma called to wish him a happy birthday in the middle of picture taking so he took a break to talk to her on the phone.  He would call her everyday if I let him.  IMG_2258
She is such a good sport to listen to him ramble on and on about all the things he sees around him.  
Mischievous doesn't even begin to describe this little guy.  We all call him the "one man wrecking crew."  Ha. IMG_2245
Keeping up with him on a daily basis is exhausting. His saving grace is how cute he is.  He can be incredibly sweet when he wants to be.  I'm hoping that sweetness can show up often this year;)

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