Monday, February 10, 2014

Got Lashes?

Before my miscarriage I had an appointment to get lashes put on.  When the appointment day arrived (five days later) I was still sore, but I decided I needed to get out of the house.
Eyelashes It was actually really relaxing to lay in a comfy chair with my eyes closed for a whole hour with no interruptions, a very rare occurrence in my world.
I can't believe how long and full my lashes are now.  They took some getting used to.  I felt like a cartoon character the first couple of days, but I love them now.  My eyes are pretty small and very squinty, especially when I smile.  The lashes open up my eyes so much and make a big difference in my appearance, not to mention the time saver in not having to apply mascara daily.

One of my friends told me her fake lashes have ruined her real lashes, which worries me.  I've done some research and found that you can perm your lashes as well.  Who knew?  I need to find a place that does that.  When my fake lashes have all fallen out I think I'll perm and tint them instead and see if I like that as well.
Have you tried fake lashes?

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