Sunday, February 16, 2014

Escape to Cabo

Buckled up, headphones in, sun on our faces and we're off.IMG_2443
The "husbird" and I left for a little getaway that we had planned to celebrate the completion of my first trimester of pregnancy, now we're celebrating our making it through a very sad time in our life. 
 I finally quit bleeding from my miscarriage the day we left for Mexico. My body felt mostly healed. Perfect timing really. 
IMG_2490We need to make some happy memories.  Right after the miscarriage I wanted to cancel our trip, but then I realized it would be a good thing. It would give me something to look forward to and keep me busy preparing to leave.  The only bummer is that I came down with a cold the day before our trip, so I don't feel the best, but what better way to cure a cold than to go on vacation. Right?
IMG_1816(view from our room)
We used points from our credit card for our flights and the "husbird's" business partner insisted we use his timeshare. Since we didn't have to pay for anything except a rental car we decided to splurge on the all inclusive food package.  photo
That means we don't have to worry about what costs what or how much we eat, which is a blessing and a curse. Let's just say we might not need to eat for a month after we get home. 
Cabo Arch-blog
We feel so blessed my mom was willing to take care of the "nestlings" why we're away.  It's so comforting to know they are in good hands and probably getting spoiled rotten.  
The weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. 
IMG_1822 IMG_2457
  We're living the good life, at least for a few days.

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