Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trying to Hang on Until school Starts

My motivation is waning.  I'm so close to the finish line, less than two weeks to go, yet today I can't seem to pull out the last umph of energy to cross that line.  The "nestlings" have watched more TV/studio C in the last two days than I care to admit.  The nest is a mess and I'm in a funk, a lack of motivation funk. 
IMG_1470What's my problem?  Do you ever not want to come up with one more meal and then make it?  It feels like I just clean up from breakfast when it's lunch time already.  Not again!  And the laundry and sticky floors are really getting to me. I know I have to finish the marathon that is summer.  I just I have to find a way to get my groove back.  I think something chocolate is in order and definitely some cleaning.  

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