Friday, August 23, 2013

New Bike Rider

For the second time "D" learned to ride a bike.  He learned how awhile back, but then he fell and lost his nerve and wanted his training wheels put back on.  He officially knows how now.  It's so great to have four kids that know how to ride their own bike.  We've only got Baby "G" left  to teach in a couple of years. 
IMG_0825 This summer one of my main "to-do's" was to get everyone workings bikes with helmets.  First we bought miss "A" a cruiser.  Then I found a company that sells solid tires, with no inner tubes in them.  The "husbird" was so sick of fixing flats.  Now three of the four kids bikes have solid tires, so happy about that.  That means NO MORE FLAT REPAIRS.  We needed to buy a couple of helmets.  "T"s was done for and I finally gave in and bought miss "C" a smaller helmet.  Hers never really fit her head, flopped all over.  She has the smallest head ever.   IMG_0823You would never know what an endeavor or work it is to outfit seven people with helmets that fit and bikes that work.  
DONE and DONE.  Feels so good.  Until next year. 
If the "nestlings" would just quit growing.

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