Friday, July 5, 2013

The First and Last Tooth Saga

The tooth fairy is having a hard time keepin' up round these parts.  I mean, why do children have so many little teeth to begin with?  Why can't they just be born with the teeth they'll have all their life? Do you know what it's like to have four kids with teeth falling out at the same time?  Let's just say the tooth fairy has a full time job at our nest.  IMG_1024
When little "D" lost his first baby tooth this week I wanted to cry.  Baby teeth are so little and cute.  Adult teeth, not so much.  He doesn't even know what happened to his tooth.  He was eating a peach outside with "C" and they came in the house to tell me he lost his tooth.  I think he swallowed it.  

Miss "C' got right to work writing a letter to the tooth fairy on his behalf explaining what happened, so he would have something to put under his pillow that night.  I'm not even going to mention that he has another lose tooth. Sniff. Sniff.  I'm not ready. Not ready for those cute baby teeth to be gone.

Then, if that's not enough, mister "T" lost his last baby tooth. Why? I mean, I know he's not a baby anymore.  He turns thirteen in August, but this just makes it official.  We've got our first teen.  Heaven help us.

Oh, I almost forgot, miss "A" is about to lose a tooth as well.  See what I mean? Three teeth in one week. Busy, busy, exhausted tooth fairy!

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