Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Simple Summer Plan

I put together a little plan to help pass the long summer days. I'm hoping even in it's simplicity it will help keep the harmony and happiness I want our summer to have.
Mondays-Swimming Day (take the "nestlings" swimming for a couple of hours at the neighborhood pool)
Tuesdays-Art or Craft Day (make some sort of craft or art project)
Wednesday-Friend Day ("nestlings" can have a friend over to play)
Thursday-Activity Day (we go somewhere to do some sort of activity out of the house, i.e.-bird aviary, splash pad park, museum, etc.)
Friday-Errand day (not the most exciting day, but groceries have to be bought to keep us all fed)
Even though this isn't some elaborate and detailed plan it will at least add some structure to our days. 
If we get off on our days that's okay, we'll be flexible.  This will just help the "nestlings" have something to look forward to and for me to plan.  A win, win, I hope.

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