Monday, July 8, 2013

Dragon Drawings

T'was a good day today.  Not because I spent it  reading a good book or leisurely looking through a design magazine.  Quite the opposite really.  I started my day right, by exercising, then I devoted the rest of the day to the "nestlings."  
scan ("C's" dragon)
They had friends come over and play in the morning and then in the afternoon we attempted to go swimming.  When we pulled up the sky turned gray and we could hear the rumbling sounds of thunder, so we scrapped that plan and luckily no one was too bent out of shape about it.  Of course there was some disappointment, but we went home and did an art project instead.  
scan("D's" dragon w/help from "A")
We decided on drawing some dragons and I loved how they all turned out different based on their ages and drawing abilities.  Mister "T" was too cool to participate so I put him to work making Pumpkin Bars.  Yum.  They were so good. 
scan ("A's" dragon)
Then I read with "C" while "D" listened.  I always feel good when I read with or to my kids.  Don't you?  It's like I've accomplished some core motherly duty.

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