Friday, June 28, 2013

A Rocky Start

After spending two days in Vegas we set out for Mexico.  It was a long day in the car, but we finally arrived just past dark.  We were all sick of being in the car and excited to see the beach.
IMG_1136I read this book on the way when I wasn't managing the "nestlings".  It was good, other than some occasional cursing.   Taylor
alyssaThe "husbird" and I had a hard time getting on the same page for the first few days of our vacation.  I really hate it when that happens, but it's inevitable in marriage isn't it?  There are times when it's hard to connect with each other and to see things from your spouses perspective.  Unfortunately for us this time landed during our vacation.  Go figure.  Some of it had to do with the circumstances of our vacation and things that happened when we arrived, but I won't go into the details here.  Everything was well in time.Palm Trees in Rocky Point
CassidyWe spent our days at the pool and beach, soaking in the sun and sand as much as possible. 
The "husbird's" sister and her two sons came to visit for a few days.  She likes to cook and made us some delicious food while she was there.  Garrett IMG_9992 Until next year we bid Mexico farewell.

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