Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring break in Moab

Sometimes when your stress level is at an all time high and you don't feel like you have the time to plan, pack for, and take a vacation... it's the very thing you should do.  I'm learning, slowly, that all the effort it takes to get a family of seven ready to go on a vacation is totally and completely worth it. We need to do it more.  That's easy to say now, after a successful and fun trip together.  
My parents and three of my four siblings and their kids all went to Moab, Utah for spring break this year.  We rented and shared a couple of condos and then met up each morning and hiked all day until dinner time.  
IMG_8796Normally that wouldn't be my cup of tea. Hike all day, with babies and little kids.  No thank you.  But, surprisingly I loved it.  Some how it worked.  
IMG_8808 We mostly did short hikes, only a couple of long ones.  
IMG_8807We had three baby backpacks among us, to carry those cute babies. 
IMG_1147 Luckily no one fell off a cliff. There were a lot of bumps and scrapes, but Aunt Suzie whose a nurse came armed with neosporin and bandages. 
IMG_8926 We went to Arches National Park the first daySand Dune arch was the favorite arch/hike for all the kids.  They loved playing in the soft red sand. 
IMG_8887My dad planned out all the hikes.  He's a true outdoorsman. 
IMG_8819 Everyday my mom armed us with snack/treats, water, and sandwiches.  She's is so generous and thoughtful.   IMG_1179
This is what hiking Arches all day does to you.  Three of the five "nestlings" were wiped out from all our adventures. 
IMG_9074We went to Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point the second day.  It rained on and off, but that didn't deter us.
The third day we went to a couple of local canyons. We hiked up Hunters Canyon and Millcreek Canyon.  They both had rivers/waterfalls.  The kids had a lot of fun playing in the water.
IMG_9191 There is something about being in the outdoors that grounds you, not to mention time with family.  Going on this trip was like the vacation we didn't know we needed. 

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