Sunday, March 31, 2013

Water for Sale

When a neighbor came up to me at church today and told me my daughter must of made a ton of money selling WATER yesterday, I was mortified.  I do realize that how I felt initially has to do more with my own pride than anything else.  Miss "C" wanted money for the gumball machine we have and she found a way to get some. She filled up one of my old hospital mugs, got plastic cups from the pantry, and her brothers dump truck.  She then proceeded to push it door to doorI’ve gotta to hand it to her, she had a problem and she came up with a solution all of her own.  She didn't think to run it by a parent first, but that's not normally her styleI had no idea she had gone around the neighborhood with her friend selling water for fifty cents a cup.  I thought they were just playing outside together.  Little did I know. IMG_9396
After church we had a talk with her and she helped make some chocolate chip cookies to take to the neighbors who couldn’t resist her charm and  bought a cup of water from her the previous day.  We told her in the future she needs to ask permission to sell anything door to door.  

Next thing you know she’ll be trying to sell air and knowing her she’ll probably make money doing it.  Ha ha.

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