Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An escapade

 Remember that song?  I know I'm aging myself, but that's okay because I turn a year older tomorrow.  Darn it.  Can't stop time.
This bed is incredibly comfortable, so I looked to see what kind it is and wouldn't you know, it's called a heavenly bed.  Maybe I'd age more gracefully if I got one.  

photo 3 I've learned a few more things...
6Eating out and shopping are over rated.  Sort of.  Let me explain. Not that its fun to dodge flying food from a two year-old, or keep the boy happy while flying through a store, trying see what I can as fast as I can before the time bomb in the stroller explodes. It's just that things don't mean as much without my kids with me. I see things I want to point out to them and remind me of them. I did get to go in a "West Elm" for the first time. That was fun. This wall inspired a big project I'd like to do someday. And this hanging ladder at Pottery Barn inspired another. 
7.  A lazy river is extremely boring by yourself, specifically without kids to push, climb on, and splash youRefer to number 2 in the previous post.
photo 1
8. Weaning a fifth and last baby is not for the faint of heart. I'm a mess of emotions, not to mention the physical pain.
9.  Going on a "work" trip with the "husbird" isn't all it's cracked up to be.  Not so much of an escapade as I thought it would be.
10.  I think I need to practice some of the doctors advice from this post.

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