Sunday, December 30, 2012

Half Well Half Ill

Our Christmas day was relaxing and enjoyable.  How was yours? 
 After opening gifts and eating breakfast we spent a couple of hours rearranging the boy's room.  We took down the crib that baby "G" never sleeps in. Sniff. Then we set up a desk that "T" got for Christmas in its place.  He's so happy to have a place to work on his homework that's just for him.
IMG_8256 Unfortunately, by Christmas night the "husbird" started feeling sick and then by the next morning baby "G" was sick and as the days proceeded everyone got sick except "T."  
The "husbird" had to have a chest x-ray because the doctor thought he might have pneumonia, turns out it was just a bad case of bronchitis with a cough that won't go away. IMG_8252
When I got sick I didn't leave the house for three straight days, which in a way was a welcome relief from all the previous days of running around.  Sickness definitely forces you to slow down whether you want to or not. IMG_8230 So, half of our holiday was spent happy and healthy and the other half has been spent being miserably sick.  At least we weren't sick the whole time. 
I didn't do a lot of decorating this year in order to simplify, but I thought you might enjoy these pictures from around the nest.

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