Monday, December 24, 2012

A White Christmas

It seems that no matter how hard I try to simplify the Holiday Season/Christmas (which I tried this year), it is still way to crazy-busy.  I guess if I had started shopping in July when I first thought about Christmas then it would have been less chaotic.  Part of the problem is that normal everyday life is really busy and so when you add in extra activities and shopping to do, it makes things insanely busy.  Amid the insanity there were moments I don't want to forget. Like...
Balletthe girls dancing to "Pine Cones & Holly Berries" and "Santa Baby" at their yearly Christmas show.
IMG_0320 Little "D's" preschool made a huge piñata santa head from scratch.
I got to hold one side of the rope as each kid hit it, waiting for Christmas prizes to spill to the ground.  In a way I wonder what the preschool teachers are thinking, I mean the kids are hitting santa.  SANTA. Ha Ha.
One night when I went to tuck in "C" I found this.  She was sound asleep in her santa hat that she got at a Christmas party and her doll was tucked in beside her.  I wished I could keep her small forever.
Santa2 No December would be complete without a visit to see Santa. Baby "G's" face is priceless. He wasn't quite sure what to think, except that he would do just about anything for a candy cane.
IMG_8145And last...our traditional balloon launch with letters to Santa on Christmas Eve.  I tried my hardest to have everything done so I wouldn't have to go anywhere, but alas I needed to get one more thing to complete the stockings and get a few groceries.  Well, wouldn't you know it, while I'm out it starts snowing, hard, and the wind was blowing and so I couldn't see anything.  I still needed to get balloons, but I didn't want to go far so I stopped at little caesars since it was close byI'm sure Santa won't mind;)

Now I need to get busy wrapping presents to make Christmas wishes come true! 

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