Monday, November 5, 2012

Coco Chronicles Part Two

I know you’ve just been dying in anticipation to hear what happened to the other kitten, but before I get to that let me catch you up on how it's been going with Coco.  I now wake up to the sounds of a crying kitten. Coco likes to be held a lot and given lots of attention, like a real baby, except I don’t have to dress her or change diapers.  Thank Goodness!  In fact, as soon as we put the litter in the litter box she climbed right in and did her business. Good girl! 
Baby “G” likes to drink her water and snack on her food as if it is some delicious little crackers. I’m working on training him not to touch the kitten’s food and water, but it’s definitely been a challenge.  

I find myself in the pet stores looking at kitty beds and litter boxes and perusing the pet isles at Target looking for the perfect kitty stuff. It’s weird.  I’ve never set foot in the pet isles before now.
As we grew to love Coco we missed the other little kitten and wondered where he could be and if he was warm and fed. We wished we’d never given him back to his mother and wanted to find him so Coco has a playmate.  Everyday the “husbird” and “nestlings” would look for him outside, but we couldn’t find him until...
 the day after Halloween when the “husbird” was driving the girls to school and he saw the mom cat in the front yard of one of our neighbors.  Right behind her was the other kitten.  The “husbird” got out of the car, picked up the kitten, and brought him home.  We’re catnappers:( The mom was so distraught and we feel awful about taking her baby, but I think he’s better off with us than being wild. Besides he’ll be with his sister who needs him.

It took a few days for him to warm up to us.  We named him Moco.  The "nestlings" are in kitty heaven, especially miss "C" who plays with the kittens like they are dolls.  Baby "G" picks them up from their head, poor things.  Little "D" doesn't touch them, but enjoys watching them.  They are so adorable together.  They like to wrestle with each other and sleep curled up together. I'm so glad they have each other:)

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