Friday, September 21, 2012

Deeps of the Depth

I thought “T” was a little insane when he told me he wanted to run for student body president for the 7th grade. Probably because I would have never had the guts to do that when I was his age.  After asking him multiple times if he was sure, we got to work on his posters and speech.  He worked really hard rehearsing his speech and when speech day came I was pleasantly surprised when he did great.  I would have been a nervous wreck, but he  seemed to enjoy being on stage. He definitely got the “husbird’s” genes.IMG_7281
At dinner that night miss "C" said, “If “T” doesn’t win I’m going to be in the Deeps of the Depth.” The “husbird” said, “you mean the depths of despair?” LOL. It was one of those moments when you shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t help yourself.

We waited on pins and needles to hear who won……….and surprise---he won!!!

Now we’re in the high of the heights!

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